Colnago GRV Ultegra Disc

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You are passionate about road cycling, yet you are fascinated by the idea of cycling in the quiet and solitude of the woods.  The new Colnago GRV is your bike. Whether you intend to devote yourself to cyclocross races or simply want a bike for winter training, this bike’s vocation is the gravel found on so many secondary roads. The GRV is light enough to be used for racing, but with a balance in performance that will convince you to use it in any weather conditions and on any type of road. The GRV was born from the experience gained with the Prestige – the number one cyclocross frame in the Colnago range, developed over years of victories in race fields around the world with the greatest champions of the sport. We all dream of perfect summer days for our road rides, but with the Colnago GRV any weather conditions will suffice to ride in and to have a bit of fun in the mud.

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