Bike Fittings

At Pro Bike FC, when you schedule a bike fit, you get a bike fit in real time using motion analysis devices which measure and record motion with amazing accuracy. Bringing together the latest in motion sensing technology, biomechanics, and professional level feedback, we can elevate your training, performance, and injury prevention to a whole new level by making sure we use the information to make your bike fit you with great accuracy.

We use sensor pods that are placed on your right and left foot to track dead spots and motion. There are two additional sensors that are placed on your thighs in order to read 100 data points per second. Most importantly, there is one more sensor that is placed on the sacrum in order to read saddle position, pelvic movement, and other positions. At Pro Bike FC, we believe that real time data is the most accurate when fitting a rider to a bike.

Problematic motion patterns which hinder performance and cause injuries can now be tracked and tested in a real-life environment.

Nick is a qualified and accredited bike fitter with Retuel and BikeFit, as well as a Level 1 specialist with the International Bike Fitters Institute.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a weekend warrior, casual cyclist, commuter or a pro rider, every cyclist should have a bike that properly fits.

Road Bike $230.00
Tri Bike $280.00
TT Bike $280.00
Mountain Bike $230.00
Cyclo-Cross Bike $230.00
Ride Right Fit Basic Fitting. $150


Contact us and make a booking and feel how much better your ride becomes.


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