Core Conditioning

Welcome to Strength and Core Conditioning. Strong body and core are central to overall health and wellness. Conditioning the body through functional fitness principals essentially makes you better at life – it promotes better posture, prevents injury, increases the bodies ability to fight sickness, and the list goes on! Here at Pro-Bikes, our conditioning goal is to help design measurable and achievable goals tailored to the individual and help you meet those goals. A strong core is essential and the basis for all functional movements in sports. Combining strength conditioning with cycling will enable you to become a more explosive endurance athlete and allow you to reach heights and break plateaus you did not think possible. So, whether your goal is to make the pro cycling team or look amazing in the mirror, join us for conditioning in a fun and safe environment!

Pro Bike FC offers Core and Strength Conditioning classes for individuals and groups (not more than four people per group) to allow maximum instructor attention to form and proper technique – introductory pricing listed below.

All classes are one hour long.

1 Session $60.00
4 Sessions $230.00
6 Sessions $330.00
8 Sessions $425.00
16 Sessions $800.00

Call us or visit us in store to learn about our membership packages!

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